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Imprisoned Soul

(Inspired by seeing an eagle caged in a zoo)

Pinions preened in mountain gales,
Storm sheened, swept smooth and glossed.
Talons cooled by cloudy trails,
Fire eyes, wedged wings wind tossed

Noble bird! Thou Freedom's sign,
Cage cramped, dull worn with dust.
Spirit free, untamed, designed
Sky king, earth bound by lust

Weak thy wings by worldly cage,
Flex free, escape and fly.
Soaring strength a battle wage,
Leave earth, world bonds defy.

Eagle soul to vistas soar,
Wheel wide, breast winds and glide.
Free soul to heaven's shore
Speed, sky winds feel and ride.

Pining spirit, prisoned bird!
Skies call, fresh winds entreat.
Freedom dwells above assured;
Earth's murk, world force defeat.

-William Malewitz, Songs Of A Beachcomber

There are too many administrators in the Church, and not enough pastors.

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