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The sun's last longing look at the quiet cove
Caught a heron soaring slowly o'er the lake.
Day paused to meditate, a birch before her eye.
Earth seemed to contemplate the day about to die.
The lake, lest left alone, with caresses strove
Mirrored trees to charm till moon and star should wake.

A water-lily slowly her petals closed.
Dusk clad beauty silent stood. Then soft and low
Her vesper antiphon intoned. With plaintive strain
Nocturnal nature's dulcet tones joined in refrain.
The chanting swelled as song was in song inclosed.
Velvet shadows softened, gilt with sunset glow.

Reluctant rower slowly in rhythm rowed
Shoreward. Chapel's silent spell was strongly felt.
The stirring symphony, the soft enchanting light,
Incense, a rhapsody, intoxicate delight;
This finely-formed cathedral, God's abode.
Reverent the rower lingered - nature knelt.

- William Malewitz, Songs Of A Beachcomber

You may be a diamond in the rough, but if no one discovers you, you never get a chance to show your light.

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